Cabin Style

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“Cabin Style is all about good living in wild places of spectacular natural beauty. It’s about how to bring texture and tone, color and flair, and coziness, comfort and originality to unique homes where altitude meets attitude.

It’s always fun to see your work in print, but it’s even better when it’s a book by a friend and it’s all about cabins! Photographer Audrey Hall and writer Chase Reynolds Ewald have put together a beautiful compendium of classic and contemporary homes that we’re proud to say features work by Abby Hetherington Interiors. The book showcases the elements of refined cabin style by top designers in destination mountain resorts and pristine rural, rustic and mountain regions around the country.

Each page in the book is an inspiring look at homes that are connected to their own location and shares the process and backstory by talking with everyone from the owner to the architect and builder. Stop in and pick up a copy at the Architects Wife!

Cabin Style
Cabin Style – now available in the shop and on Amazon