The AW Guide to Staying In/spired: A Quarantine Care Package [The Essentials]

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Hello from our distributed homes. If we’re honest, it sure has been a new challenge adjusting to operating in this new normal. Nonetheless, we’re all in this together – each of us experiencing something very similar in our own worlds and learning to engage in new ways. Despite the current unknowns out there, the Architect’s Wife is focused on sharing togetherness, inspired spaces, and warmth in any capacity we can generate it. 

So the new norm is staying in. We’re right there with you. Luckily, The Architect’s Wife knows of a few certain comforts to remind you what makes a home and is here to share new ways of staying in/spired. Today, we’re sharing an array of essentials to create a Quarantine Care Package. Whether it’s to treat yourself and your space or send someone a warm reminder you care about ‘em, it’s a sure way to life the spirits. Below are a handful of suggestions but the combo options are many.

Available destination scents: Brooklyn, Kyoto, Catskills, Santorini, SantaFe, Italia and Tuileries

A scent has the power to transform a home into something, someplace entirely different: whether its the past, the outdoors or the headspace to dream about the future. At a time where we have to do a little daydreaming to travel beyond trips from the couch to the refrigerator and back, The Escapist Collection by Brooklyn Candle Studio will take you to our favorite destinations in the world.

Pictured Books: Cabin Style and Rustic Modern by Chase Reynolds Ewald, Living in Style Mountain Chalets by Gisela Rich, and Mountains: Beyond the Clouds by Tim Hall

 These coffee table-worthy books are a source of inspiration for renovations or new construction; an armchair escape for those who love living in nature; and the perfect gift for anyone dreaming of a cabin home or simply in the mountains and above the clouds. Read up on interviews with architects, designers, builders and owners who illuminate both the backstory and the creative process of their work. Whether a bison ranch, a log fishing cabin, a stone guest house, a lakeside retreat, a ski chalet, or a wine country barn, cabin style manifests in whimsical, playful, comfortable, and welcoming interiors and architecture ― always inspired by the land.

Pictured Throws: Rainbow, Good at Naps, Eat Poop Sleep, Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Cozy as a Cactus, and Gems & Crystals

These blankets by Calhoun & Co are designed and created from illustrations by founder Kerry Stokes. In addition to the utilitarian purpose of keeping one warm, these blankets will bring some personality to any room and smiles to the face. These throws make for great wall hangings as well!

Take a break. For off-screen time, meditating on color, and stimulating the mind. Our showroom shelves are overflowing with classic games, puzzles and toys for all ages that will endure generations of play. When not being played, the unique designs of each game translates to the perfect shelf accessory.